Concrete Work

The properties of concrete, like the durability, strength, workability, and the setting time, are greatly influenced by many factors. Handling, transportation, laying, compacting, and curing of concrete decide the result. Rely on QPC’s expertise for any concrete work in Wilmington.


Concrete sidewalks can develop cracks. Like a curb and damaged sidewalks can affect the looks and may also cause a concrete violation that requires prompt repairs. QPC hasan experienced team for Sidewalks in Wilmington understands how to repair them with minimal disruptions.


Are you tired of cracked concrete driveway or don’t want to maintain the dirt, gravel, or asphalt driveways? Our team for Paving Wilmington NC can help you by installing a variety of materials to fit your style and budget. Our experience spans across designing various types, including the circular and curved ones. QPC can also support extras that you may need with the driveways.

Traffic Separators

They are a straightforward and efficient method of controllingtraffic flow—various kinds of separators available. There are traffic logs, and water-filled systems, and others too. Experts at QPC make a study of the requirement and then use the best variants of traffic separators to your satisfaction.

Retaining Walls

Well placed and well-designed retaining wall will hold the soil and rocks back and protects the landscape from eroding and runoff. QPC has experience in designing and installing retaining walls. As retaining walls developers, we can create the desired functional wall to fit your style and budget.


QPC offers the best Gravel installation in Wilmington. We can create and maintain a variety of gravel surfaces for businesses. The projects that we have undertaken are creating driveways and parking lots from start to finish—grading and smoothing existing gravel surfaces and rebuilding the soft and wet areas in the parking lots, driveways, and roads. We can also build ramps.


Get drainage installation for any sized commercial property. It will significantly improve the rainfall drainage on lawns and reduce the threat of floods and water damage. Our DrainageWilmington team will take care of the installation of pipes and the drains in the soil. These drains can quickly transport rainwater from the property to the street or nearby ditch. QPC can also repair the existing drainage systems.

Front Yard Landscaping

Lush green landscapes with vibrant plants and flowers offer great delight. But landscaping is not an easy task. Maintenance of desired trees in the frontyard can provide challenges that are best left to QPC’sFront Yard Landscaping Wilmington team. They can help you identify the trees to plant and maintain the yard to preserve a comprehensive appeal and uniformity to home or the place of business.

Concrete Slabs

Are you searching for groundwork services, why not consider the concrete slabs? Concrete slabs are used for modern building work as they are solid blocks of concrete and don’t get damaged easily. QPC’s team for Concrete Slabs Installation in Wilmington can create slabs of steel-reinforced concrete for constructing floors and ceilings.

Patio Installation

A patio is a foundation for a great outdoors. QPC’s team for Patio Installation in Wilmington has years of experience in creating and installing patio designs that meet your needs.

Benefit from our Expertise!

QPC experts have delivered projects in these concrete works. Talk to ourexperts to find out more about ways we can help you.