Land Scaping

QPC offers the entire bouquet of land development services that the customers need. We are experts in land development in Wilmington

Site Balancing

There may be areas on the site that are ‘fat,’ and they need to be ‘cut.’ The grader removes the soil to reach the finished design. More dirt is required in the low areas of the job to achieve the finished design requiring import of soil from elsewhere. QPC can do the perfect site balancing.

Retention Areas

They are wet ponds and include a permanent pool of water in the design with vegetation around the perimeter. Their primary use is to manage storm water runoff, prevent flooding, downstream erosion, and to improve water quality in a nearby river, stream, or lake. QPC can create them.

Custom Pads

Need customized concreted pads? QPC can create any sort of custom pads for commercial projects of any scale.

Import or Export of Fill

We have the required equipment and knowledge to import soil material to the worksite in an efficient manner. If a large quantity of dirt needs to be removed, we have the crew and equipment to take on projects of any scale. QPC has delivered many projects with in an estimated budget.

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Wilmington Land Scaping Services